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I'm Hyun Berglund

With expertise in content distribution, I am an experienced professional specializing in roles that demand strategic leadership. My skills span partnerships, sales management, and impactful projects, demonstrated through a proven track record of forging effective business partnerships and leading successful sales initiatives, making me an asset in both familiar and adjacent verticals. Demonstrating a keen eye for detail, I always prioritize broader business objectives. Established consulting practice as a Chief of Staff and business strategist working to identify patterns, implement change management, create partnerships, strategic plans, team build and raise venture capital. I've been to 49 states and always have a passport with extra pages!

Back in Los Angeles after decades in NYC


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A few things I have worked on recently...

From establishing a consulting practice as a Chief of Staff and business strategist to working with businesses and executives to identify patterns, implement change management, create partnerships, build strategic plans, team build, and raise venture capital. Here are a few of my success stories:

  • Collaborated with CEOs on strategic financial management, business negotiations, potential market expansion, and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Created strategic roadmaps to attract and close top private equity investors and early-stage funding sources.
  • Worked with cable & broadcast networks for content distribution, licensing, OTT and retransmission carriage.
  • Implemented sales incentive restructuring, KPI metrics, bonus pay, and team building restructuring.
  • Extensive digital ad sales management with strategic brand partnerships.
  • Built Consumer Packaged Goods product production and go-to market strategies and implementation.
  • Built ongoing strategies and teams for entrepreneurs and businesses blending traditional strategies, evidence based sciences, and 5 Element dynamics.

Professional highlights


Life is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony...

I leverage my unique perspective and background in Five Elements, face reading, and epigenetics to help individuals achieve their goals and manage their psychological capital in business and personal lives. I am driven by the belief that finding and using our map is the most powerful change agent available to improve business, relationships, and ultimately, the world.


My work is deeply rooted in the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine, highlighting the science of recognizing patterns and their profound meanings. As contemporary fields such as neuroscience and epigenetics begin to decipher our complex interconnections, Chinese medicine has already been confidently charting these routes for generations.


Recognizing that life's path is more akin to a spiral than a straight line, I develop strategies harmoniously with your unique rhythms, ensuring consistent relevance and adaptability.


Strategic Forecasting: Utilizing the 5 Elements, I provide a specialized method to anticipate each upcoming years' varying energies and challenges, offering a clear roadmap for navigating both familiar and unexpected scenarios.


Clarity & Progression - Leveraging the 5 Elements, you'll achieve unparalleled clarity and direction, fostering growth in both personal and professional contexts.


Equipped with strategic insights, you'll be ready to access prime opportunities, impactful projects, leadership roles, and collaborative partnerships.


By strengthening your relationship with yourself, you set the stage for improved connections in all aspects of life, nurturing mutual understanding and advancement.

My work blends 10 years of mentorship under leading expert in the lesser known side of Chinese medicine, Jean Haner, alongside 20 years as an executive in media and sales management, including over a decade at Fox News Channel.

Professional Expertise

    • Sales & Business Growth Strategies


    • Chief of Staff


    • Client Management


    • SAAS Sales


    • Corporate Partnerships


    • Product Launches


    • Large Language Models


    • Content Distribution (MVPD, OTT, SVOD, AVOD, EST)


    • Talent Recruitment & Management


    • Strategic Roadmap Creation  & Implementation


    • Intuitive Leadership & Hiring


    • Launched New Pay TV Network from 0 to 80 Million Subscribers


    • Paid Media Advisor


    • Experience Working with High Profile Celebrities & Prominent Figures


Training & Certifications

  • Executive Leadership Presence Women in Media, Entertainment & Technology Executive Development Series
  • Leading with Power and Authenticity Women in Media, Entertainment & Technology Executive Development Series
  • Your Inner Design Certification Energy Clearing Spaces & People Certification Jean Haner
  • Your Inner Design Certification Face & Birthdate Reading Jean Haner

Boards & Non-Profits

  • Founding Member Asian Americans in Media 2017 - Present
  • Advisory Board Member Mr. Bones & Co. 2013 - 2019
  • Member of Five Chapters Women in Media, Entertainment & Technology (WICT) 2007 - Present
  • Co-Chair of Sponsorships, Virginia WICT Board 2014 - 2017 Mentor 2013

Understanding ourselves is the key to transforming how we connect and relate to others

Hyun Berglund