The 5 Element Virtual Retreat

be your truest self

Allow your radiance and shift your life

Nothing changes until you shift your energy. Change your energy and life.

What if I told you there was a way to harness your energy and find greater success?

Transformation begins when you turn towards youself

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The 5 Element Virtual Retreat

The 2024 virtual retreat was created to introduce the 5 Elements and teach you how they can help bring more clarity and more of everything into your life.

It's not about being better or doing more. The way through to more wealth, ease and success in life comes through healing and mastery of ourselves. 

This alchemy takes courage, time, insight and trust. And only in this way can we discover a lost doorway to ourselves.

are you ready to create your own laboratory?


This Virtual Retreat will help you to...

  • Make space for more ease, flow, profit and results in your life and help your vision come to life
  • Create awareness of your authentic alignment
  • Align your work to maximize your productivity
  • Become aware of the personal alchemy this year is asking of you
  • Create the conditions of a quantum leap in your life
  • Understand Body Felt Sense

What do you need to let go of this season to make room for more?

Hyun Berglund


”Practical wisdom and tools I can implement right now to shift everything.”

I have a completely different level of understanding of the 5 Elements, seasonal living, ways to deepen my own personal alchemy. Finding my own way to come home to myself to step into my own leadership is what I am looking for. Finding ways to be myself and tap into my own power sources is the way to change the exterior things I am looking to shift!

Stephanie S.

”Hyun's integrated work is very insightful especially when setting goals.”

Gaby D.

She brings a unique mix of busines savvy and Chinese medicine to all her material proving very resourceful and thought provoking.

Can the 5 Elements really help forecast what might happen for you in any given year of life?

Yes they can!

  • The 5 Elements which is actually based on an ancient branch of Chinese medicine that’s been tested and proven over thousands of years.
  • What neuroscience and epigenetics is beginning to understand, Chinese medicine had long discovered.
  • Throughout this retreat you can discover what the year will bring into your life, how to navigate it in the best possible way and outline steps to implement to help solve challenges and problems that may be holding you back.
  • An introduction or deepening of your own alchemy. Changes in our outer world are shaped by our beliefs and ability to harness much more than data and skills.
  • Chinese medicine when practiced in an alchemical orientation dares us to explore forgotten parts of ourselves in order to rediscover our own wholeness.
  • This practical wisdom for our modern lives is often the missing key to unlock our ability to increase our wealth, careers and relationships.
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i can help because i've wanted more too

I know the 5 Elements can be a life-changing tool

hello I am Hyun Berglund

Hyun Berglund leverages her background in Five Elements, face reading and epigenetics to help people better manage their psychological capital.

Her work blends 10 years of mentorship under Jean Haner, alongside 20 years as an executive in media and sales management, including over a decade at Fox News Channel. After decades of living in New York City, she is back on the west coast.

She is driven by the belief that finding and using our own map is the most powerful change agent available to improve business, relationships and ultimately, the world.

The laboratory

Your invitation

Virtual Retreat Offerings (950 × 900 px) (1)


Get shifted. Get aligned. Be free. A special 5 Element Ancestors meditation to help clear old patterns that won't shift. A tool to deepen your personal alchemy.

Value $25


Create a recipe for success - your guide to harness biorhythms with your daily power hours. Practical tools that can be implemented today.

Value $50

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the 5 Elements helpful?

This is a little known side of science that provides patterns and insights from thousands of years of study. I want more people to have the opportunity to use this in their life. As you plan out a new year ahead it's especially helpful to know about how to navigate 2024 with information not according to someone else’s recipe of how to get ahead but according to yours!

What are the 5 Elements about?

It's the science of recognizing patterns and their meanings. We have patterns that personality tests, traditional therapy and even McKinsey consultants do not see. These unique patterns can help connect dots in your life and reveal the underlying issue behind a block or recurring pattern.

How will this Virtual retreat bring me more of what I want?

The energy of every year of your life will bring different kinds of opportunities in your career and relationships, and its influence even affects your emotions throughout the year in multiple situations-Unlocking this insight specific to your own road map, can inform how you structure your year.


You can email any other questions you have to

“Stepping into the most vivid version of yourself brings everything you want to life.”

Hyun Berglund