Five Element Personality 


Can science really help forecast what might happen for you in any given year of life? 


Based on our 60-minute call, you will walk away with:

An aerial view of what to focus on in this year of your life
How patterns in your face and birthdate explain an accurate picture of your own map
A better understanding of your greatest strengths and challenges. It will help you anticipate potential issues, allowing less judgement and more productivity

Strengthen psychological flexibility to deliver better results.


How to start or deepen your own personal alchemy


How to better understand your own repetition compulsions

To be clear, this is not astrology-these sessions are actually based on ancient branch of Chinese medicine that’s been tested and proven over thousands of years. What neuroscinece and epigenetics is beginning to understand, Chinese medicine had long discovered.

The energy of every year of your life will bring differnt kinds of opportunities in career and relationships, and it’s influence even affects your emotions thorught the yer.

The session was creted to offer you the opportunity to discover what the new year will bring into your life, how to navigate it in the best possible way and outline steps to implement and help solve challenges and problems.


$250 USD