Seasonal Living Session

What if there were “cliff notes” to help you predict what might happen for you in any given year of life?

Each year there are different themes for you to deal with. This session can help you make decisions on when to launch new enterprises, travel less, move homes, gain recognition, and so much more.


Based on our 90-minute call, you will walk away with:

An aerial view of what to focus on in this year of your life

Psychological flexibility to deliver better results

A guide to help you match your work with what will be most effective

What not to do and what to avoid

 My approach is based on a little know ancient branch of Chinese medicine. Translating the findings into tactical and practical strategies. I help you understand your challenges such as confirmation bias, conflicting goals, and motivations. This session works best when you have a specific problem and limited time.

Your Investment:

$350 USD